Lobby Capital

Brand refresh and website design.


Lobby Capital is a venture capital fund started by VC veterans. Recently, they asked us to create a new website and refresh their existing brand.

Lobby’s new site had to work well with the existing logo and presence of The Lobby Conferences—an industry-leading VC conference they’ve been hosting for over a decade.

Lobby’s deep experience, collaborative attitude and exceptional industry credibility immediately stood out to us, and we set out create a brand that celebrated those strengths.

Strategic Alignment

First, we dug deep into what makes Lobby special–even though they’re a team of industry veterans, they’re not your typical VCs. They’re down to earth, friendly, fun and accessible, while also being incredibly hard working, intelligent and supportive.

We also conducted an audit of other brands in the VC space, from industry giants to other new players in the industry.

Creative brand exploration

Next, we got to work exploring ways to bring the brand to life, through a series of mood boards leveraging the Lobby Conference logo and a bold color palette that helped differentiate them from other VC companies.

Content creation and web development

Once we settled on the overall brand look, tone and feel of Lobby Capital, we pushed fast to write, wireframe, design, develop and QA the new website.

Client check-ins and collaborations were critical in this stage to ensure the work was not only executed at the highest level, but ready to show at a series of upcoming LP meetings.


The Lobby Team now has a bold brand presence that reflects their unique standing in the VC industry. The website is a powerful tool for potential investors, investees, and talent to learn about Lobby Capital. And so far have received many positive comments from their portfolio companies, partners and peers

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