atria health

Building a brand from the ground up in partnership with the founders.


The founders of atria health had a vision for a new healthtech and services company that could best best support cardiologists who believe in clinical innovation and practice independence. And while they already had the support of a network of doctors and other industry professionals, the only thing they had figured out about their brand was the name, and that the color red needed to play a key role.

Building the foundation

To build a brand from the ground up, we first set out to learn everything we could about both the cardiology industry, and about companies that support doctors in private practice. We conducted our own research, as well as interviewed the team at atria to learn the ropes, understand what companies are already doing this well in their space, and get a sense for branding do’s and dont’s in the medical space.

Exploring the possibilities

Next, our brand and design team imagined four very different brand avenues, each with their own unique design language, color pallete, fonts, and logo treatments. We reviewed these directions with the atria health team to get a sense on what they were gravitating towards, and where the pitfalls for them were. At that point, we were ready to develop and refine the brand.

Bringing the new brand to life as a landing page

Finally, we worked with the atria health team to write and concept the landing page, and then using that wireframe, we brought the brand to life for the first time on a clean, simple, yet powerful landing page.


The atria health landing page is the primary tool used by the founders to grow their network of interested cardiologists, and share the new brand with the world.

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