How to launch a BIG small brand

Start-ups, small businesses, or even just a couple of people with a big idea need to appear legitimate in their marketing and communications. Especially to attract investors. And this usually needs to happen quickly and cost-effectively. The last thing you want is your great business idea knocked down a few pegs by a bad first […]

Cannonball Creative: Making an Impact

It’s estimated that we’re exposed to about 5000 marketing messages a day.1 And that research was from 2007.  So, as consumers and people, what do we do? We ignore what’s ordinary and expected. We put on blinders. We build walls around ourselves to help fend off the constant barrage of bland, generic marketing we’ve all […]

7 tips to elevate your B2B storytelling

Cannonball does a LOT of B2B marketing. And, we’ve learned a lot about what makes it effective, as well as how to make it effectively within the often complex world of multiple stakeholders, internal groups, execs, and more. So we created this “B2B Marketing Best Practices Guide” to help fellow marketers, both with brands and […]

Tips and tricks for effective cross-team collaboration for B2B content development

Every creative project, no matter how big, small (or strange) has its unique set of project challenges. B2B content marketing is no exception. In fact, creating B2B content often has more hurdles than your typical creative project—but we’ll get to that later. Now, you might be thinking, “B2B marketing doesn’t seem as important as consumer […]

Understanding the difference between 20 types of marketing

There are now more variations of “marketing” than there are dairy-free milk alternatives at your local Whole Foods. Since we have experience in working in most of these (we would say all, but new ones pop up every day, and our legal team wouldn’t let us make a claim that bold) we decided to break […]